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Hello Happy Campers!

Smiling Camping Dogs

An Enriching Experience

We provide our camper parents with peace of mind that their pups are cared for in a supervised, open-play environment. 

At Furry Tail Shack, dogs spend their days romping with new and old friends while engaging in an array of enriching activities.

A socialized, and well-exercised dog is a happy camper! 

Ellie and Dobby
Birthday Twin Dogs



Monday - Friday: 7am-6pm

Closed Saturday and Sunday

***Drop off for camp is between 7-9am***


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 10am-3pm

Saturdays 10am-3pm

Hydrotherapy: By Appointment


Full day - up to 11 hours: $38.00

Half day - up to 5 hours: $28.00

Half day options: 7am-12pm or 12pm-5pm


What is required before you come in:

An approved initial Assessment (call us to schedule your pup's assessment) and Proof of Vaccinations: 

  • Bordetella

  • Rabies

  • DHLPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza and Parvovirus) 

  • Negative fecal (Test for Giardia and Parasites) exams are required yearly 

  • Pups must be at least 1 year old, spayed or neutered.


Your pup must be current on ALL of its vaccinations, be free of any communicable diseases, and have a negative fecal exam. Preventative flea & tick medication needs to be regularly given, Fecal exams are required every 12 months, and vaccines must remain current per your veterinarian records. Our mission is to make sure ALL our PUPS are safe and stay healthy!

Current Veterinarian records that show immunizations and a negative fecal exam are required before any dog is allowed to attend day

Dogs must ALWAYS be in good health AND

Dogs must not demonstrate excessive or uncontrollable barking.

Water Therapy for Dogs
All campers benefit from healthy exercise during their days here! For campers and non-campers alike, we are accepting new patients for hydrotherapy sessions. 

Dogs with chronic pain or injuries can find relief, and even healthy dogs can benefit from the extra exercise. 

Note: Hydrotherapy is not included in daycamp; however, sessions are available during camp hours.

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