Pup~Cafe & Patio


MON - FRI: 9am - 6pm

SAT: 10am - 4pm

Closed Sunday


Yappy Hour - buy your pup an ice cream sundae with toppings (blueberries, strawberries, banana, peanut butter, cookies). Add a bakery treat. Sit on our pup-patio with your best furry friend while they enjoy their ice cream and/or treats. Bring a friend(s) and their best furry friends!


Our Pup~Cafe & Patio is truly a unique, one of a kind, shop with beautiful merchandise including collars, leashes, clothing, accessories, toys, bakery treats for special occasions, birthday and gotcha cakes, holiday treats, supplements, organic and grain-free treats to just name a few. Our new outdoor patio is perfect for spending quality time with your pup, or a friend(s) and their pups while the pups enjoy a special treat from our Pup~Cafe! As a small business, we support other small businesses in the US and some from around the world by buying their products and selling it in our store. From the Maasai Mamas in Kenya to PawsAbilities in Kansas City who offer young adults with developmental disabilities a career in the pet industry.


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Pup~Cafe & Patio