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Hydrotherapy is a form of water therapy directed at the treatment of chronic conditions, post-operative recovery, and pre-operative or general fitness in dogs.

Hydrotherapy is beneficial for:

  • Post-operative recovery from orthopedic procedures

  • Dogs with neurological conditions

  • Pets suffering from painful osteoarthritis

  • Dogs dealing with pain due to hip dysplasia

  • Metabolic conditions such as Cushing’s and diabetes can result in muscle atrophy

  • Paralyzed dogs

  • Helping overweight or obese pets get the exercise they need to lose weight

  • Hydrotherapy can also be used as a training tool to help working dogs reach optimal fitness levels.


Hydrotherapy for dogs is a low-impact treatment that can help improve your pup's strength, range of motion, and endurance. The buoyancy properties of water minimize weight-bearing stress on the joints, which helps prevent tissue injuries, inflammation, and pain. The buoyancy in the treadmill alleviates about 60% of your dog's body weight, which reduces stress on joints, minimizes pain, and allows for a better range of motion. The gentle compression applied by the surrounding water can reduce inflammation and stabilize joints. The water temperature is between 85-95 degrees, so it relaxes muscles and improves circulation. Because of the resistance created by the water, regular use results in a rapid increase in muscle mass!

Our state-of-the-art underwater treadmill has the ability to vary water depths and walking speeds to tailor therapy specific to each patient. This allows us to modify the intensity of each session as your pup progresses through the therapy sessions. Our treadmill has jets that turn on and off as needed, an incline adjustment feature for a more intense workout and the tub can also be used as a swim tank for some patients such as working, arthritic, obese or professional sporting dogs. Our underwater treadmill can accommodate dogs of all sizes.


Proof of Rabies and DHLP vaccines and a Negative Fecal exam (within the last year).

Veterinarian Approval for Hydrotherapy (the downloadable form is attached below OR also available for download under the "Forms & Agreements" tab).

Dogs with heart conditions such as heart murmur, lung disease, or that suffer from seizures are
permitted to do hydrotherapy.


15 min hydrotherapy session:
30 min hydrotherapy session:
30 min session w/resistance jets & automatic incline:


In an effort to streamline the process, we will be switching from single billing to packages of 6 or 12 sessions. 

We have a strict 24-hour cancellation policy with payment. Paperwork will be provided at your first session.

Before your pup's session please take your pup for a short walk so he/she can potty and please bring a couple of towels with you to help dry your dog off when they are done. 



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